During Studio 18 we aim for you to experience the complexity of consultants’ daily working life. By introducing start-ups, we provide a real-life business, where the scale of the organisation allows you to immerse yourself in the business case, enabling you to create deep and impactful solutions. In addition, introducing start-ups as partner companies naturally leads to greater opportunities for leveraging co-creation – an increasingly important way of working in Deloitte and other large-scale organisations as well.



Apacta A/S is a company based in the northern Jutland, who are working on changing the industry standards for registering time and handling quality assurance. The purpose of Apacta is to allow constructors and craftsmen to use a simple tool to take care of the daily administrative chores. No more wrinkled and unreadable notes, wasted time doing administrative chores and disorganised case management. With Apacta all pertinent information is collected in one place, providing great overview of time spent, materials and documentation for every single project. The APP allows the users to make the adequate registrations case by case with minimum administrative troubles. 

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://apacta.com/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apacta/


Bio Børsten is a sustainable toothbrush. It is a new and innovative way of thinking when we are talking toothbrushes. The handle is made by sustainable produced bamboo and the brush is made by nylon mixed with bamboo carbon fibre, which is optimal to fight plaque and microorganisms. The toothbrush is 100% sustainable and fulfil all professional demands to a toothbrush. 

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://bioborsten.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bioborsten/


Develop Diverse has been founded with the purpose of building a tech platform for helping recruiters speed up the process of achieving gender balance and diversity in their workplace. This technology focuses on removing stereotypes in recruitment and communication content to make all the language inclusive and thus enabling recruiters hire talent efficiently. Develop Diverse is a software tool that automatically analyses stereotypic content for gender, age and ethnicity in texts and proposes non-stereotypic alternatives. Thus, allowing HR and communication managers making their recruitment and communication content inclusive and thus helping them reach a wider and more diverse talent pool that also shares their company’s vision and values.

The vision for Develop Diverse is to help companies make diversity the new norm in every company, thus helping them to be more sustainable and successful and demonstrating that talent is not specific to gender, age or ethnicity.

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://www.developdiverse.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DevelopDiverse/

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With Hairpal you can get your haircut in the office. The innovative platform is facilitating the demanding process in terms of arranging and getting a haircut. Hairpal connects you to one of their greatest hairdressers and barbers who will come straight to you at the office and cut your hair.

To get a haircut is a weekday-thing but not for those with a tight schedule. Hairpal understands how stressful it can be to arrange and find the time to get a haircut. After work you need to hurry through rush hour or sacrifice some parts of the weekend to get a haircut. Some hairdressers and barbers do not have long opening hours, which makes it difficult to arrange a time for a haircut. Therefore, Hairpal is here to help you.  

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://hairpal.dk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hairpalOfficial/


INNITI works in the field of technology and Internet of Things (IoT) developing a combined hardware and software solution that supports researchers performing chemical synthesis. The solution is aimed towards chemical engineers performing R&D work in the chemical, pharmaceutical and beverages industry. INNITI is already in the process of establishing business activities with the cleantech company Aquaporin A/S, and aims at supporting the upscaling of their production, QC and further development of Aquaporin’s research through the development of our product. INNITI propose a new research and development structure that will bring chemical products faster to the market with an increased focus on innovation.

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: http://www.inniti.dk/

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Novorésumé is an online resume builder that combines functionality and aesthetics to maximize users' chances of being invited for job interviews. The application first launched in February 2016, and it quickly gained international attention after being featured in Times, Forbes and Business Insider. Novorésumé began in 2014 when Andrei, Cristian, and Stefan noticed a common problem among several of their contacts. Despite having extensive work experience and impressive skill sets, these individuals didn’t know how to showcase their talents with a professional resume and cover letter. Sensing an opportunity to help others with their job search, the three of them joined forces in exploring possible solutions as part of a university project. By combining their respective backgrounds in technology, marketing, and design, the three came up with the idea of an intuitive, web-based tool that would make it as simple as possible to produce an eye-catching resume. 

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://novoresume.com/?noRedirect=true
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/novoresume/

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PlatoScience Neurostimulation is about the joy of improving your mind. By giving everyone access to simple and safe technology that limits distractions, they enable your brain to perform at its best.

PlatoScience Neurostimulation is not just about enhancing cognitive performance. It’s about the gratifying experience of using your brain, the way it was intended. In a world overloaded with information and constant distractions, the capacity for deep thinking becomes a scarcity. Though it may seem like a paradox to some, we believe that technological progress is closely linked to our capacity for thinking. When we are fully absorbed in a task we are not just more efficient; we are in a state of flow – we are happy. PlatoScience is combining these notions with a high degree of expertise within neuroscience and product design. By giving everyone access to safe and simple neurostimulation, we want to let ordinary people realize that their brains are extraordinary and make the world a brighter place, one brain at a time.

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://platoscience.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlatoScience/


Lobby (former Sp8ces) is your access to inspiring work and meeting places everywhere. Become a part of a network of creators, creative minds, start-ups and small innovative companies and large brands – and make the whole city your workplace. Lobby Work Clubs is for everybody. Freelancers, start-ups, master students and all employees in small or larger companies. Maybe you would like an inspiring workplace every day?

Lobby gives the opportunity to offer employees an extraordinary flexibility in their working life by having access to our office community in almost every neighbourhood and larger city.

Curious to learn more? Explore the organisation at: https://heylobby.com