18 hours – 40 students – 8 start-ups

At Studio 18 we offer you a unique opportunity to join 39 other talented, ambitious and curious students with a digital mind-set and interested in applying and utilising technology or data while navigating today’s business environment. Realising the extensive need for these capabilities in tomorrow’s world of business, we are looking for people who are passionate and eager to drive this important agenda and are willing to take the first steps on the journey at Studio 18.  

Deloitte’s purpose is to make an impact that matters. In order to achieve this, we fully depend on the originality of our talents and our ability to leverage their diversities as a catalyst for innovation. At studio 18 we reflect this belief by comprising and embracing different skillsets – empowering 40 students to make their mark in the world. 

Therefore, Studio 18 applies to you if you are passionate, driven and ambitious! To us, it is not important whether you study engineering, business and IT, data science, economics, business strategy, social science or something completely different.


The aim of Studio 18 is that you experience the complexity of consultants’ daily working life. By introducing start-ups, we provide a real-life business, where the scale of the organisation allows you to immerse yourself in the business case, enabling you to create deep and impactful solutions. In addition, introducing start-ups as partner companies naturally leads to greater opportunities for leveraging co-creation – an increasingly important way of working in Deloitte and other large-scale organisations as well.


In Deloitte Consulting we work with large, well-established and often international companies. It is our mission to help businesses solve complex issues and lead business transformation enabled by technology. The life span of our projects varies from just a few weeks to several months, sometimes even years. Through superior coordination, strong teamwork and efficient execution we are able to generate impactful solutions for some of the most complex businesses of today looking to shape the landscape of tomorrow.