18 hours

40 students

8 start-ups

What impact will you make in just 18 hours?


Is this just another case competition?

Studio 18 is not a regular case competition. It is based on real-life challenges in real start-ups, where impact and digital solutions are created in a synergetic collaboration between participants, consultants and of course the start-ups. The purpose is to make a crucial difference for the start-up involved. 




Do you expect me to deliver a specific product after the 18 hours of problem solving?
It is not required that you deliver a specific product. What we expect from you is that you – together with your team - have done your very best in order to come up with a thoroughly thought out answer to the challenge presented by the start-up you were matched with. Thus, your final product could be anything from a presentation, a website, an app, a new model for a smarter process or a papier mâché model. The sky is the limit!

What else is expected of me?
We expect that you have a positive can-do attitude, a passion as well as an analytical mindset that is used for questioning, challenging and creating.

Do I need any specific skills to participate in Studio 18?
No! The problems of today are not solved by only one set of skills, which is why we select the Studio 18 participants with the ambition of getting diverse profiles with different backgrounds and skills.

What are the benefits for me if I participate in Studio 18?
You will experience elements of the life as an consultant, where you will do your best in creating value and making an impact that matters for the specific start-up. We encourage all students who are willing to face new challenges to sign up now!

Registration and preparation

How do I register?
You register via this link: https://deloitte.yougcrm.com/signup/7547

Can I register a team?
Unfortunately not. The teams are put together based on the individual skill set and your personal application.

Application deadline?
The application deadline is on Tuesday 12 February 2019.

Who are you looking for?
We are looking for students who want to gain more insight into creating real-life impact and who are not afraid to challenge the established practices. It is not important what you have studied, as long as you are goal-oriented and ambitious. 

Problem solving – do I need to prepare?
You do not need to prepare anything; just make sure to wear your can-do attitude and bring your curiosity, drive and eagerness to make an impact that matters.

Do I lag behind if I have never participated in a case competition before?
Definitely not – maybe the opposite, in fact. The most important thing is that you are motivated for being a part of Studio 18.


What are my costs?
The event is free of charge, including the closing dinner and party. You only have to invest the time you spend on drafting your application – and participating, if you are selected from among the applicants. Deloitte also covers potential transport costs if you travel from Jutland.

What about accommodation?
Deloitte Consulting will provide hotel rooms for all the participants living outside the greater Copenhagen area.

Do I need to bring my own equipment? (PCs, paper etc.)
Yes, you need to bring your own PC and charger. All other kinds of required equipment such as paper, pens and whiteboard are provided to each group.

Dress code?
We do not expect that your wear suit and tie - so come as you like and be ready for action.

Can you tell us about the start-ups and judges?
Nope, not yet. We will keep the information about the start-ups and the judges a secret until March 2019.

Any other questions?
Please contact us at: dkstudio18@deloitte.dk